Tuesday, March 18, 2014

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Here are some ways to use music in the early childhood classroom.

1 Use a song to greet each child in the morning during morning meeting as part of attendance.
2 Use a song or instrumental music during transition times such as clean-up time or snack preparation time.
3 Play background music during free play or centers time. Be sure the music isn’t too loud or distracting from th children’s activities.
4 Play quiet lullabies or soft classical music during nap time or rest time.
5 Use music to teach letters, shapes, numbers or any other concepts in the curriculum.
6 Sing songs and play instruments as part of the daily routine.
7 Use music to enhance games and movement activities.
8 Add music to creative drama and art activities.
9 Use music to help children learn about other cultures and other lands.
10 Use music to celebrate special events and holidays.

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